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AI Application/Tools Review: April 30

Here are some AI tools that I've used and experienced this week, I gathered the ones I personally found useful, with my personal review and recommend to you.

Chrome Extension:

  • Make email handling 10X faster


This ChatGPT-like Chrome extension from Writesonic can save you a lot of time and effort when dealing with emails and writing copy.

With ChatSonic, you can:
➤ Simplify your email workflow
➤ Generate high-quality emails directly from Gmail
➤ Summarize the main content of long emails
➤ Get a timeline summary of the entire email conversation
➤ Generate creative copy in an instant
➤ Polish, edit, and rewrite copy

  • Give ChatGPT internet access


Enable your ChatGPT to connect to the internet and access the latest information with WebChatGPT.

With WebChatGPT, you can:
➤ Extract web page text from any URL to enhance your prompt words
➤ Have ChatGPT generate answers based on real-time search results
➤ Highlight the source of search results in the answer

Disadvantage: The plugin loading may fail at times and requires a page refresh.


Image Generator:

  • Create beautiful works of art in seconds, FREE!


A new image generation platform that is more convenient than MidJourney and can be used out of the box, integrating stable diffusion, Leonardo's self-developed models, and open models provided by the community.

With Leonardo.AI, you can: ➤ Use 150 free tokens every 24 hours during the Alpha test phase
➤ Generate images in seconds
➤ Support text-to-image and image-to-image
➤ View, copy, or modify others' prompts to generate similar images in the community
➤ Train your own models!
➤ Have strong capabilities in generating game materials and illustrations

Cons: Some aspects may be weaker than MJ.


Meeting Efficiency:

  • Automate your meetings
Magical AI

Magical AI

A powerful suite of three tools designed to automate the meeting process.

AI Agenda - generates an agenda automatically based on the meeting's topic and goals.
AI Time Suggest - finds the ideal meeting time based on your preferences and schedule.
AI Notetaker - records the meeting and sends a summary including all key points and action items.

There is currently a Chrome extension and a web app available, with 50 free credits for new users.


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